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Mr. Earnest Parker Jr. (EJ)

Full name: Earnest Parker Jr. (nick name-EJ)


Age: 40


Current Occupation: DHS/TSA

Department Of Homeland Security

Transportation Security Administration


What year/years did I attend the DCNG Youth Leaders Camp?

  • First summer was 1991 as a Red Capper.

  • Summer of 1992 as a Red Capper.

  • Summer of 1993 as a Blue Capper (platoon leader).

  • Summer of 1994 as a Blue Capper XO (executive officer).

  • Summer of 1995 as a Blue Capper CO (commanding officer).


In what capacity did you attend the camp (camper, volunteer, etc.)? As camper and camper leadership.

What valuable tools did you receive by attending this camp? The valuable skills that I feel I learned from attending DCNG-YLC as a


Red Camper were: 


  • Self-Management

  • Critical Thinking

  • Decision-Making


Blue Camper were: 

  • Networking

  • Public Speaking


How have those tools assisted you, today?


  • Self-Management has assisted me today by making my actions effective. Defined my focus to attention at work and my personal life. Which in turn gave me better organizational skills, effective productivity habits, and a strong sense of discipline. Which is needed for success.

  • Critical Thinking has assisted me in effectively processing  an exorbitant amount of information much more efficiently every day. This has enabled me to evaluate that information, sort the potentially valuable from the trivial, analyze its relevance and meaning, and relating it to other information has been crucial to my success. I think my critical thinking skills has immediately distinguished me from the mass of people.

  • Decision Making - Good decision making has assisted me with taking my thoughts and putting them into action. Allowing me Understand and know what to do based on the information that is available. Which is another key to success. As an adult it is important to be able to take in a scene and respond quickly and effectively. I believe this skill separates doers from the talkers.

  • Networking is not only for finding jobs but creating, carefully cultivated personal and professional relationships has assisted me today in being successful with communication. Knowing how to effectively network is vital to success. One person can't do it all by himself.

  • Public Speaking - Developing my ability to speak clearly as a Blue Capper has helped me today to be confident, passionate, persuasive, and powerful in front of an audience. I have witnessed how being an effective speaker comes across as more comfortable with themselves, more confident, and more attractive to be around.

  • Being able to speak effectively means you can sell ideas, world views and yourself – which in turn creates more opportunities for career advancement and better relationships.


Would I recommend attending this camp? An unequivocal YES!

I would recommend it for those who are looking for a way to learn valuable skills on how to be successful. Also for those who need positive guidance in their life. The skills taught at DCNG-YLC are not the only way to success but I believe it's a fun way to learn and to be introduced to skills that teach you to succeed at almost anything.


What is your fondest camp memory? There are so many, it's hard to choose just one. One memory that stands out in my mind is Sergeant Blackwell teaching me how to make a bunk with hospital corners, that a quarter could actually bounce on. You may wonder why this memory stands out the most? As simple as a task as it was, I was determined to be the best bunk maker in the camp. I had gotten so good at making my bunk that I was asked to help others in my platoon with theirs. It made me very proud to know that my bunk always passed inspection and that I had the patience and do diligent to get it right. That one lesson sparked a wild fire of determination and focus that has remained till this day.

Mr. Spencer Stamps

Full Name: Spencer Stamps


Age: 26


Current Occupation: Co-founder of Pawsy dog services. Spencer Stamps


What year/years did you attend the DCNG Youth Leaders’ Camp? 2006, 2008, and 2009


In what capacity did you attend the camp (camper, volunteer, etc.)? I was a camper


What valuable tools did you receive by attending this camp?  How have those tools assisted you, today?

I received several valuable tools while attending the camp. I learned when leadership and how to organize groups of people when i was designated as a platoon leader. I also learned responsibility. When I became a leader I had to take on all the extra responsibilities that go along with the position. Not only was a responsible for my actions and choices, I was also responsible the actions of the people under my command. Every year I went to the camp I received higher levels of leadership and inherited more and more responsibilities. My last year of camp I was second in command. Having so much responsibility taught me a lot about myself.  I learned my weakness and strength as a leader and how be independent.


The tools I received at camp have substantially assisted me thought out my life. As a business owner I have to organize and manage large groups of people and take responsibility my employees actions. Youth leadership gave me the leadership tools necessary to start and maintain my business.  


Why would you recommend attending this camp? I would recommend DCNG youth leadership because the things you learn being a camper will assist you throughout your life. Its a great experience. The first day of camp nobody knows anyone and by the end of the two weeks everyone has formed new bonds and lasting friendships. I made a great friend back in 2006, the first year i went to camp. Our friendship has lasted ever since. We still hang out and stay in contact. He ended up becoming one of my business partners.


What is your fondest camp memory? My fondest camp memory was when we did the 10k hike up the a mountain. It wasn’t easy and I had to push myself but I felt so accomplished once It was over.

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